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We are Bill and Richard.

We are qualified Master Brewers and we renewed
an old friendship to create Firebird Brewing Company

We brew outstanding examples of the best traditional beers from around the World at our Brickworks Brewery. We use modern science and years of experience to make our beers. We love our beers and we hope you do too.

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The Brickworks

The brickworks at Rudgwick ceased production in 2010 and has since lain derelict and in a very poor state. It has been purchased by the Harrison family, who own five dairy farms in the area and are involved with the hugely successful Sussex Charmer cheese. They’ve teamed up with Bill and Richard to completely rebuild part of the old site and give it a new lease of life. The Brewery itself has been built from a range of plant, old and new, purchased by Bill and Richard and then painstakingly refurbished and assembled. A great deal of care has been taken to create a brewery that, although small, is capable of producing a wide range of excellent beers.

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